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New website LIBIOS

- Early 2020 -

 The LIBIOS French quality performance !

LIBIOS is specialized in development, production, marketing and distribution of kits and reagents for quality, safety and traceability in:


  • FOOD/FEED INDUSTRIES AND BIOTECHNOLOGIES (detection of mycotoxins, melamine, food constituents (acids, alcohols, starch, sugars, sulphites, fibers, enzymes, enzymatic activities), adulteration (milk / non durum wheat), vitamins, detection of gluten/allergens...)
  • ENVIRONMENT (search for organic contaminants (hydrocarbons, PCB, PAH) and oil quality


LIBIOS produces and develops under its own brands (Puri-Fast®, Certi-Fast®, LIB’UP®, Qualispeed,...) a part of kits and reagents in its lab.


The + LIBIOS: Customized your kits, reagents and standards! You decide what volume,
concentration, mix of molecules you need and we realize your dedicated product.

LIBIOS offers you the services and expertise of its R&D laboratory






Focus on the LIBIOS range



  • PURIFICATION COLUMNS for MYCOTOXINS in food/feed prior to HPLC or LC-MS/MS: 

- Puri-Fast® Immunoaffinity Columns

- Puri-Fast® SPE Clean-Up/Syringe Columns


Aflatoxins - Ochratoxin A - DON - Fumonisins - T2/HT2 - Zearalenone - Trichothecenes - Citrinin - Ergot alkaloids... and multi-mycotoxins.



  • FARLIB® LIBIOS Cell, electrochemical cell which derivatises aflatoxins instantly for to increase  fluorescent activity for better detection.



  • LIB’UP® Standards to generate calibration curves on HPLC or LC-MS/MS and/or to control your extraction method:

- Standard powders
- Standard solutions certified/Mix
- Standards mixtures solutions «customized»







LIBIOS stays listening to you,

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