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LIBIOS is a French company specialised in production, marketing and distribution of diagnostic kits and reagents.

  • Food/Feed and Biotechnologies
    Safety, quality, nutrition labelling, research

  • Environment 
  • Bioanalysis

Please look at the complete LIBIOS products range available on the international market.
Certain kits are specifically distributed on the French market and French speaking countries. 

LIBIOS Diagnostic tools are used in laboratories and/or in the field.

With a clear advantage of more 1000 reference products, we are more than able to specifically answer to the needs of several sectors of this analysis market including nutritional analysis, contaminant analysis and allergen analysis. This wide range of products provides us with the ability to offer our clients exactly what they need according to the technical nature and results they require. We provide solutions suited to the precise requirements of specific analyses:

Vitamins, carbohydrates, alcohols, mycotoxins, melamine, adulteration of milk and cheese, oxalate (oxalic acid), phycotoxins, antibiotics, hormones, allergens, GMOs, plant-based pathogens etc...

For the food/feed industry, we provide reliable tools such as purification columns (immuno-affinity, syringe, Clean-up..), Elisa immuno-enzymatic kits, immuno-chromatographic test strips, radial immuno-diffusion, enzymatic kits, standards,  purified enzymes, substrates (xylanase, glucanase, amylase),  and all of the associated small equipment/accessories.

For the environment, we provide rapid land tests: colorimetric tests, turbidimetric tests, immunoenzymatic tests as well as portable cases designed for the tests. 

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